Aromatherapy Treatment With Essential Oils For Wellness & Relaxation

Why not add tea tree oil to the essential oils you use for a massage. If you want to be pampered you could book an aromatherapy massage today and enjoy some time out. A professional aromatherapist will try to treat you holistically. He or she will ask you a number of questions about your feelings, your symptoms and your general health. They will then suggest different essential oils depending on the answers you have given. As the name suggests aromatherapy works by combining the natural smells of the oils with the treatment.

Aromatherapy has been practiced for centuries. It appears to have originated in China but most people associate it with Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed in reincarnation and often used essential oils to keep the body in good condition for embalming. The Egyptian tombs have given us a look into how they used essential oils in their everyday lives as a treatment for various ailments as well as in rituals and dance. Hippocrates, the Greek Surgeon started the theory that in order to be successful, medical treatment should encompass the entire body and not just treat the disease symptoms. Essential oils have been used throughout history from treating the wounds of the Roman Gladiators right through to tea tree oil being used to help fight infections in the wounds of the soldiers of the Second World War due to a shortage of antibacterial agents..

Aromatherapy is a very gentle method of healing so can be used on anyone including young children and old people. Essential oils work in many different ways. They can penetrate our skin via massage, our nostrils via their vapors and our food if suitable for use in cooking. Just as tea tree oil is very effective on different ailments, other essential oils are also very useful including lavender which can help your skin recover from a burn.

Not all oils are suitable for use though and this is why it is always a good idea to attend a qualified therapist. They will have studied the various oils and their properties and will know which ones are unsuitable in the circumstances. For example; if you suffer from low blood pressure you should avoid using lavender oil. If you suffer from high blood pressure skip peppermint, rosemary or sage oils. Make sure you consult a professional before attempting to use aromatherapy treatment.

You can use aromatherapy on babies particularly those that find it difficult to settle. There are certain techniques that you need to learn in order to give a baby massage properly. You obviously need to be careful as babies are fragile. Although rarely used for massage, Tea tree oil is often used for the treatment of cradle cap in babies. You can either buy a specific product or prepare a homemade remedy using a drop of the oil combined with some cream. Massage the resulting cream into the scalp on a regular basis.

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